Friday, 27 May 2005

The Skinny-Dipping Tudor

The founder of the Tudor line of British kings was a servant. Yes, this is true. He was Welsh and his name was Owain ap Maredudd ap Tydwr. 'Ap' in Welsh means 'son of', so in English his name translated as Owen, son of Meredith, son of Theodore.
Apparently Owen worked as a seravnt in Catherine of France's household, wife to the late Henry V. He used to enjoy bathing skinny-dipping in the Thames and Catherine used to spy on him through the reeds. She was so impressed that she wanted to marry him. Of course all hell broke loose when she made this intention public. An official inquiry was held. However, Catherine stood by Owen through it all and finally in 1432 their marriage was official. His surname Theodore was changed to Tudor and history was made.


Peter said...

It's probably worth mentioning his precise relationship to Henry VII (grandfather), so that others don't have to check, as I did.

HCaldwell said...

I suppose the moral of the story is that it pays to advertise.
By the way, I enjoy your writing and have this blog on my daily list.

Peter said...

Is that really the moral of the story? I find it very difficult to believe a woman would become seriously romantically interested in a man purely on sight of him naked - in a way that is conceivable, I suppose, for a man who saw a woman naked. I'd think it's more likely to be a starting interest that led on to other things.

Alterior said...

Hi hcaldwell,

Thanks for your kind words; it is always lovely when people tell me they enjoy the blog. I enjoy writing it very much and am glad I can share this with others, like you.

Many thanks,

A. :-)))