Monday, 15 August 2005

The secret meanings of Elizabethan salads

The Elizabethans liked to give secret meanings to their salads. Therefore, each vegetable / ingredient, was used to convey a specific message.
Here is a list of the most common meanings associated with some of the most widely used ingredients:

Asparagus: Renewing of love
Borage: You make me glad
Bugloss: I am pleased with you
Scallion: I love you not
Cabbage lettuce: Your love feedeth me
Bitter lettuce: I love you not
Olives: Your love annoyeth me
Rosemary flowers: I accept your love
Winter savory: I offer you my love
Radish: Pardon me
Strawberries: I am altogether yous
Raspberries: Come again


Perdita said...

*in my best quickie mart accent*

Thank you. Raspberry


Alterior said...

Hihihi! Good one! :-)))

Anonymous said...

I'll have a Waldorf salad!